Strategic Plan

In September 2013 our Board of Directors approved a new Strategic Plan. The Plan provides a road map for the Agency until 2017. Developed with service user and staff input, and led by the Board of Directors, our Strategic Plan focuses on five priorities to address our Agency Mission of empowering and connecting seniors. The new Strategic Plan is composed of the following priorities:

  1. Maintain services and expand access. Our primary focus is to continue providing the breadth of services and programs already in place. This includes continuing our transportation services at its current capacity. We will also seek growth in services for our members and clients via new service partnerships, and development of new in-house programming.
  2. Involve service users in decision making. We will continue our commitment to involve service users in decision making. This includes expanding and revising our processes for soliciting service user feedback, as well as ensuring that feedback directly impacts how we provide service.
  3. Seek out strategic partnerships to increase our impact and capacity. We will create an internal partnership strategy that provides a tool to gauge the value that partnerships bring to service users and the Agency. We will continue to cultivate and maintain partnerships with the community-at-large and media.
  4. Maintain current core revenue streams and develop private revenue streams. We will focus on maintaining our current core revenue streams that fund basic service provision. We will also explore new avenues to raise funds for additional service provision, including unrestricted funds.
  5. Enhance our governance and internal systems and physical space infrastructure.We are committed to on-going efforts to build governance functions to ensure excellent oversight and mitigate risk. We are devoted to building our internal staff capacity to positively impact our service delivery.

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