Voluntary Integration Exploration

Over the last year, Call-A-Service Inc./Harmony Hall Centre for Seniors (Harmony Hall) and South Riverdale Community Health Centre (SRCHC) have voluntarily come together to discuss the benefits of integration. As providers of services to newcomers and Seniors in East York/ East Toronto, both organizations believe that this integration will have a great benefit to the individuals and communities that Harmony Hall currently serves especially with the increased access to SRCHC services and programs. In addition, a significant benefit is perceived in the opportunity to provide SRCHC services for more people within Harmony Hall’s catchment area.

We are exploring integration because we share a common vision to maintain or enhance access to services for Newcomers and Seniors in East York/Toronto. At a time when demand for more specialized services to respond to the complex needs of Newcomers and Seniors is increasing, we believe that through integration we can both sustain and strengthen what we do for these communities.

The Boards of Directors are leading a process to bring the two organizations together. The integration is expected to be formalized in the spring of 2017, pending the results of a consultation process and due diligence.

What happens next?

During November we will meet with clients, staff, members and others to hear their feedback and answer their questions. We will also have a survey available in paper format or online for everyone to contribute their feedback.

The two organizations will prepare a Business Plan for the Toronto Central LHIN, our common funder.

Members meetings may be required by one or both of our organizations in early January to approve our moving forward with the integration.

The Toronto Central LHIN will review the Business Plan and make a decision on whether or not to allow the integration to proceed; probably in February.

If there are no major obstacles, the integration will occur on April 1, 2017.

We invite you to attend the sessions we are planning in November to learn more about the integration and our next steps.

We would certainly welcome any feedback on the proposed integration and would ask that you feel free to put your comments in writing and send them to us, or click here to answer the online survey. If you would prefer to complete a paper version of this survey you can obtain a copy in the transportation office.

Empowering and Connecting Seniors in East Toronto

Harmony Hall Centre for Seniors (also known as Call-A-Service, Inc.) empowers and connects seniors 55+ by delivering transportation, recreational and support services. We offer services in Bengali, Chinese, English, and Tamil.

Services include:

  • Transportation to medical appointments, adult day programs, shopping, etc.
  • Programming for social and recreational activities including social dining, karaoke, mahjong, chess, casino trips, and art programs.
  • Wellness activities like yoga, tai chi, gentle fitness, and walking groups.
  • Educational opportunities including classes in language, computers, health promotion and cooking.
  • Support to address critical needs related to housing, immigration, social assistance, and pensions.
  • Harmony Hall Centre for Seniors is funded by the Toronto Central LHIN (Local Health Integration Network), Ontario Seniors' Secretariat, the United Way Toronto & York Region, and the Federal Government.

    For more information about our services and programs please contact us at: 416-752-0101 or harmony@call-a-service.com.

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